organic food bar and restaurant in Delta del Ebro.

our gastronomic space has an indoor space for 20 guests and an outdoor patio for more than 40 and opens its doors for breakfast with prior reservation and for dinners and vermouths on weekends and on the eve of holidays in spring and summer, and for dinners from Wednesday to Sunday during the high season. In parallel, we use this space when we organize different events and workshops throughout the year.

terres de l’Ebre products.

more than 80% of our ingredients and
products come from Les Terres de l’Ebre
region, one of the European regions with
a high variety of certified organic products.
We adapt our menu to seasonal products,
allowing you to enjoy the excellence of each
product at its best.

ecological and/or artisanal.

more than 90% of the products in
our dishes are organic and / or artisanal.
We design our menu based on Les Terres
de l’Ebre products. In the occasional case
where we incorporate other products, we
ensure that it is local and ecologically
certified or artisanal.

healthy food.

our menus are designed with fresh and
natural products inspired by the Mediterranean
diet. We offer dishes using meat and fish, but
we mostly use vegetables, fruits, legumes, eggs
or dairy products, cooked to maintain and
maximise their benefits and quality.

vegetarian and vegan.

at Deltaic you will always find vegetarian or vegan options. Although we always provide variety to suit all tastes. At your request, and if feasible, we can adapt our dishes meet your dietary requirements.

fish and meat.

all our fish and meat are locally purchased. In the case of fish and seafood, they always come from the region fish markets. The meat, when it is not organically certified, comes from farms that care for and feed the animals in the traditional way.

strive for zero waste.

we reuse containers and boxes with most of our suppliers. We do not use single-use packaging, nor do we use non-biodegradable packaging. Any organic remains that we generate are composted in our garden.


all information on our restaurant can be found here. Including the menu, hours and take-out options


download this week’s menu from the following link.


our schedule is varies and depends on the season and activities. The following link provides our restaurants and bar’s schedule throughout the year.

take away options.

our menu slightly differs for take away options. Our opening hours for take away is exactly the same as the restaurant. Click here for take away menu.

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