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seeds for a better word.

Welcome to Deltaic, our green ecosystem of responsible tourism formed by 6 accommodations, an ecostore, and a cultural bar with patio located in the surroundings of the Delta de l’Ebre.

Inspired by sustainability, creativity, culture, a circular economy and a “slow” philosophy, our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle with values that result in a positive impact on people, territories, environment and the world in general by facilitating local and authentic experiences.


Sustainability and creativity are the engines of our activity and the basis on which we develop our services and weave our ecosystem. We surround ourselves with people, institutions and companies that share our values, creating synergies that can be transformed into real action with a positive impact. We expend a big effort to find products and solutions that meet our sustainability criteria which we share openly through the different channels that define our green ecosystem.

sustainability and creativity.

transformation process.

Our ecosystem is a dynamic process that is evolving continuously. Starting with #ecopando, we transformed the interior of a building, abandoned for over a decade, with criteria of sustainability and circular economy in order to create touristic accommodations. We followed that with the eco store and our cultural bar. We will continue with #ecopación, the transformation of our building’s exterior in ways that will help us to continuously improve.

The tourist activities, developed in collaboration with our guests, the destination and the environment that shapes them, will create a compound positive impact which will transform into an effective tool for collective learning, vitalising the local economies and creating an opportunity for cultural concord.

responsible tourism.

make the most of your time.

The Internet is a fantastic portal of information, however, some hidden gems may not be discovered through it. Visiting a new place, with limited time and knowledge may restrict the traveler’s experience. We provide you the opportunity to tell us more about your interests to help you enjoy your visit to the Delta with recommendations in accordance with our philosophy and values.

Deltaic is not just touristic accommodations. Our ecosystem includes an eco store, an online store, a cultural bar, the patio and all the activities that we organise and promote, either directly or in collaboration with our friends. Our place is open for everyone and is a space where you can socialise, learn and share.

not just tourism.


We love terms such as collaboration, synergies, events, workshops, team and networking. Send us your ideas to hola@deltaic.eco and we will see how they can fit into our ecosystem. We are certain we’ll find a way