sustainable accommodation in the Delta del Ebro.

designed with an ecological conscience, in the 6 deltaic accommodations you will find natural, organic and / or eco certified materials, furniture and textiles. In addition, thanks to their east and west orientation, they have natural cross ventilation and views of both the sunrise with La Cava in the background and the sunset over Els Ports Natural Park and the Serra de Montsià..

standard accommodation.

4 units of 65 sqm

4 adults

maximum occupation / ut

penthouse-duplex accommodation.

2 units of 85 sqm

6 (4 adults + 2 kids)

Maximum occupation / unit

sustainable and healthy interior design.

sustainability and well-being are what we value when choosing the materials, furniture, decoration, accessories, facilities and cleaning products that we use, to create healthy spaces with the least possible environmental impact.

natural materials.

our mattresses are made with coconut fiber, natural rubber, sheep wool and cashmere. The tatamis are stuffed with rice husks. Our cushions, towels, bedlinen, sofa and armchair covers, and curtains are all made from natural and organic material. The wall paint, towels, furniture, the parquet and the soap are all natural with sustainable certification.

healthy interior space.

the daily upkeep of the property is done with products and solutions that do not alter the properties of natural materials. We use ozonated water or ecolabel certified products to clean Deltaic . All fabrics are washed with eco-labeled products and both the interior spaces and the air conditioning ducts are sanitized regularly by ozone shock treatments.

sustainable facilities.

designed or adapted to generate the smallest possible ecological footprint. For energy, apart from having A + or higher appliances, we use energy from 100% renewable sources. Our filters remove calcium and heavy metals from our water and we also implement solutions to minimise its consumption. Our eco-wifi is also designed to generate the minimum impact on your health at the level of electromagnetic radiation.

stop by the shop.

complete your experience.

to maximise your comfort and feel at home.

gastronomic pleasure.

try our mouthwatering and healthy menu based on organic and seasonal ingredients from Terres de l’Ebre. We prepare breakfast for guests with a one-day notice and open for the public for dinner. Also discover our eco gastronomic experiences of Terres de l’Ebre with pairings of wines or oils with other eco local products.

we help you get organised.

staying with us is not limited to accommodation. We help you discover the Delta de l’Ebre and Les Terres de l’Ebre, get to know their producers and enjoy the activities that you are most passionate about, whether related to gastronomy, cycling, bird watching, hiking, water activities or a bit of everything. We help you make the most of your stay.

activities and extras.

discover what we can prepare for you. We can prepare a basket of local and ecological products upon your arrival or assist you with in any of the activities we organise. Check out our online store and you will find the options available on the dates of your stay.”

accommodation conditions.

energy consumption from 100% renewable sources I consumption of anti-calcium and heavy metal filtered water I eco-wifi internet connection I 100% natural cotton bed linens I 100% natural organic cotton covers of bed cushions, sofa cushions and armchairs I 100% natural cotton towels I ecological dishwasher soap in quantity according to guests and days of stay I shower gel and hand soap made of natural products in quantity according to guests and days of stay I basic cleaning tool I kitchenware and utensils I cotton kitchen cloth I fiber cloth I FSC toilet paper in quantity according to guests and days of stay I cleaning and disinfection prior to arrival and every 7 days in stays of more than 7 days which also includes a change of towels and bed linens I the bed linen and towels according to number of guests under the reservation. If the guests are one or a couple, only the preparation of the bedding of the double bed in the main bedroom is included

any service not defined in point 1 I refills of soaps and toilet paper if the use does not correspond to what the Deltaic team considers reasonable taking into account the number of people, days of the stay and particular situations I cleaning of the accommodation after check-in and change of towels and bedding, except for stays longer than 7 days I the deposit of garbage and food and drink not consumed inside the accommodation in the containers available to customers in the outdoor space. A garbage fee of € 10 will be charged if this task has to be carried out by the Deltaic cleaning team. This fee may be charged to the client after the check-out process I any personal laundry service (our accommodations do not have washing machines) I all kitchen utensils or consumables for single and personal use without the possibility of being reused after cleaning for ensure the hygiene of customers such as salt, oil or scouring pad I the tourist tax of € 0.99 per person over 17 years of age per day of stay I the cost of repair or replacement due to breakage or damage to the facilities, furniture, decoration or equipment of the accommodation, due to their misuse. This cost may be charged to the client after their departure I the preparation of the bedding in the second room when there are only one or two occupants. If you notify 24 hours in advance, it will cost an additional € 15. If the bed linen is not notified in advance, it will be prepared when operationally possible and the cost will be € 25 or the client can assemble it himself, but there will also be a € 15 supplement.

access to accommodation is 24 hours and 365 days per year

It is necessary to provide the Deltaic staff your approximate check-in time with at least a 24 hour notice I standard deltaic check-in time is from 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm every day of the week except Sundays and holidays I check-in outside of these hours will only be possible with a prior notice of at least 24 hours and confirmation by the deltaic team I we cannot guarantee waiting time for check-in if this occurs outside our standard check-in hours or without a 24 hour notice I Deltaic has the right to charge an additional  fee for entries outside standard hours and/or without 24 hour prior notice if they involve an unforeseen attendance by the staff. The penalty will be €30 during daytime hours and € 50 between 10pm and 9am I outside of standard check-in hours, Deltaic staff may require documentation and deliver the keys through other means that will be explained to the client prior to their arrival I as per Spanish law, all guests must show their national identity document or passport, including minors I the guests will receive a single key that will provide access to the main door and to their respective accommodation.

check-out time is between 9 and 10 am I Outside of these hours, check-out is only possible with a 24 hour notice and a confirmation by the Deltaic team

I the guests must return the key upon departure I at the time of check-out the deltaic team can proceed to verify the accommodation I during the check-out process the total settlement of the stay can be paid in cash or by credit card.

this bedroom is made up of a wooden base, tatamis and mattresses that can be prepared with a single 0.75x2m mattress, two individual 0.75x2m mattresses or a 1.5x2m mattress. You must provide us with your preferred option with at least a 24-hour notice. If not, and if the occupancy is more than 2 people, this bedroom will be presented by default with a 1.5m mattress. Once assembled, if the client requests a change in the distribution of the mattresses and bed linen this will only be made only when operationally possible and will entail an additional cost of €35 I Due to the characteristics of the bed in this bedroom with a height of 35 cm and limited space on the sides, we do not recommend its use for people with reduced mobility I The bedding in the second bedroom or the futons in the atico will only be prepared if the relevant occupancy supplements are requested and paid when making the reservation.

Deltaic reserves the right to request for the guests to leave the accommodation immediately and pay for their full stay if this condition is not respected

smoking is prohibited in all interior and exterior spaces of Deltaic, except where it is specifically indicated I smoking on terraces and balconies is allowed as long as the cigarette butts are collected and the ashes are not thrown on the ground or on the street and the windows or balcony door of the building are completely closed while smoking. The cigarette butts and ashes must be collected in a ashes in a suitable receptacle such as an ashtray and deposited in a closed bag in the waste bin in the kitchen to avoid the smell of smoke I if any of the guests or members of the Deltaic team are bothered by the smoke and request for the smoking to desist their request must be considered I Smoking inside the accommodation or failing to comply with any of these requirements will be considered sufficient reason for the guest to be asked to leave the accommodation and paying for the entire amount of the reservation or in the case of having paid in advance, without the right to any type of refund.

the guests are obliged to inform the Deltaic staff of any damages causes to the furniture, facilities, decoration or electrical appliances and in general in any aspect that implies a deterioration of the state of the accommodation after check-in. In any case, the Deltaic team may charge the costs of repair or replacement, even if the damage is not reported by the guests and is detected after check-out.

the guests must follow at all times the health and safety rules that are marked or that are required by Deltaic staff.

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