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We are committed to a sustainable, healthy, ethical and creative lifestyle, and always work under the criteria of a circular economy, using our natural resources in a sustainable and conscious manner. We promote the quality of time invested in us as individuals and communities in order to regain control, lost nowadays, among other reasons due to the misuse of certain technological advances.

We believe that it is valuable to enjoy life in general whilst improving our surrounding environment and to leave behind some of the current modus vivendi, a reflection of an accelerated society forgetting some of its values.

The heart of our green ecosystem is formed by 6 touristic accommodations, an eco-store, a cultural bar and a large external patio, that branches out to other activities through our friends’ and collaborators’ network. We develop diverse services and activities that are always aligned with our values and philosophy.

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Our team shares the same values as Deltaic and we enjoy planting the seeds in others. Independent from our responsibilities, the individual’s role is vital in shaping our ecosystem. If you would like to join our team send us an email on





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We are surrounded by collaborators, mostly from this territory, and whether companies or individuals, each is aligned with our philosophy. Our network is dynamic facilitating the gradual expansion of our green ecosystem.

network of collaborators.


Planting the seeds has not been easy. Many have contributed to make Deltaic a reality. We would like to recognise all those who have made this possible and to reveal the human capital behind this project. Although there are too many to mention here, the members of our network of collaborators form an integral part of our network of friends.

clara ruiz tablada

rubén martín de lucas

fernando martín

ignasi ripollès

santiago miranda

asier peñas

juan jose obiol

lluis miranda

eutimio mauri

carlos aguilera

maria gonzalez

julia gonzalez

manel montoya

german machi

ariel khett

joan franch

ricard montoya

lara díez

joan nuñez

manel espuny

jordi giner

salvador bertomeu


We track our indicators of sustainability and publish them annually. This includes consumption of energy, water, and waste. We also track our social actions such as responsible purchases, gender equality and environmental impact.

Our objective is to provide transparent and honest information to achieve continuous improvement.

sustainability indicators.