Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge | candidatura Deltaic
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The tourism sector is dramatically suffering from the Covid-19 crisis. That is why the UNWTO  has launched the Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge. Its aim is to find solutions for the sector to recover once the pandemic is behind us.

This challenge is a global call to reach the most disruptive start-ups, entrepreneurs and drive solutions to mitigate Covid-19 impacts on tourism through health, economic and destination management solutions. A step forward for Sustainable Development in a crisis situation.

From Deltaic we have responded to the Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge by submitting our candidacy convinced that our model is a valuable option to help the tourism sector recover and transform. It can also be useful to make tourism a driver of the transition towards a green economy. The tourism sector could lead the change towards a sustainable future and become a model of a more responsible way of life.

Developing our green ecosystem model, adapted to each destination and its socio-cultural reality would turn the touristic experience into a vital act, providing jobs and business opportunities for local people and companies that engage with green economy models. The green ecosystem model could also be helpful to alleviate tourism pressure on large cities and create spaces for knowledge sharing and cultural exchange.

We explain it in detail in this video posted on our Youtube channel.

In conclusion, Deltaic green ecosystem model could strongly contribute to achieve the UN’s SDGs (sustainable development goals).