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According to the previsions of DELTAIC ecosystem, we started last week our crowdfunding initiativethrough the E-Crowd! Platform in order to fund the remainingpart of the investment required to launch our project.

E-Crowd! is a crowdfunding platform specialized in financing projects that create a positive impact on its society and surroundingsfrom an environmental and social aspect. Crowdfundinghas become an alternative financing solution to traditional bankingwhere individuals combine to invest in projects in accordance with their values and principals. To facilitate investment in the Deltaic ecosystem, you can invest a little as 50 euros and up to a maximum amount of 1,000 euros. The investment has been limited to 1,000 euros per person in order to allow for a large number of participants, the more the investors the better!

In return, apart from the satisfaction of helping a project that portrays similar values, the investor obtains a guaranteed annual return of 4.5% for 5 years. To date, 50% of the requested funding has been obtained with 23 days remaining before the close of the participation period. However, we do not expect to see out the entire 23 days considering that in only 5 days, we have already raised half of the required amount.

Below is the link with further information in the event you would like to participate:


The Deltaic Team